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@alexmornard (Neige & Granite ) tweeted:

Eliud Kipchoge premier à passer sous les 2 heures, un temps qui ne sera pas homologué #marathon #running https://t.co/PzW5I8pVYw

@AFPphoto (AFP Photo) tweeted:

@Alex_Verbeek (Alexander Verbeek ) tweeted:

@AlanMansur (Alan Mansur) tweeted:

Sensacional. Recorde mundial na maratona. Primeira vez em que se faz os mais de 42 km em menos de 2 horas.… https://t.co/cZVxR86rr6

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

"Everything is possible, no barrier should hinder your will. Together we can make this world better" Run a 42,195Km… https://t.co/bunf8wtzCz

@RedgeBzh35 (Redge) tweeted:

Historique !!! Il passe sous les deux heures au marathon !!! #ineos #marathon #redge35 #running https://t.co/19Srdc2E6Q

@stadafric (STAD'AFRIC) tweeted:

@Kibanga_Ebooks (Kibanga_EbookStore) tweeted:

Successful people read.A LOT Wondering how to get books

@picardonhealth (André Picard) tweeted:

.@EliudKipchoge becomes the first man in the world to run a sub-2 marathon - 1:59:40 https://t.co/Cpuhr79cIk via… https://t.co/OczCxjlG3V

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

FACTS? #Eliud159 #ineos159challenge #INEOS159 #IneosChallenge #INEOS #eliudkipchoge #KOT159Loyals #KOT #KOTLoyals… https://t.co/qO6sLO4CJH

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