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Trend time: Sat Oct 12, 2019
Trend location: Greece / Greece
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@Turcas_Es (Series Turcas España) tweeted:

@shantee_zadma (shantee) tweeted:

İyi ki doğdun #enginakyürek İyi ki varsin Doğum günün kutlu olsun

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#EnginAkyürek #Happybirthday https://t.co/7wt7Q7K6lK

@TamaraAL77 (Tamara AL) tweeted:

38 photos, which are so realistic, not unnatural, and they are very cute ❤️ #EnginAkyürek @Artistanbul1 Happy Bir… https://t.co/f2NFYZ9LoQ

@TamaraAL77 (Tamara AL) tweeted:

RT @ENGINcilerr: #EnginAkyürek #ENGINcilerr https://t.co/D7YZxPIAB6

@vigo1972 (mariana rosa) tweeted:

RT @Turcas_Es:

@ALEXANDRADONOV9 (Alexa D.) tweeted:

Aun no se sabe de cuándo es esta foto. Pero me gusta verlo con su familia #EnginAkyürek https://t.co/sH9IbmUiH5

@Almaypoes83 (Angie) tweeted:

RT @SefirinkIzI_arb: اليوم يصادف عيد ميلاد النجم العملاق انجين اكيوريك يدخل عامه الـ 38 #EnginAkyürek مسيرته الفنيه مليئه بالادوار المختلف…

@NataliaElizondo (NAtaRIN Elizondo ) tweeted:

RT @AkyurekEngin1: #EnginAkyürek #Happybirthday https://t.co/7wt7Q7K6lK

@HaniyahMasowd (Haniyah Masowd) tweeted:

Well #congratulations R the order of the day look who's not going to have a hard time remembering an #anniversary

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