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Trend time: Sat Oct 12, 2019
Trend location: Greece / Greece
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@MarisaInCali (L.A. Conservative) tweeted:

The Left are so filled with hate for Conservatives. I believe if they have their way, Conservatives will be sequest… https://t.co/AZcVjmqoPU

@deekevin56_m (Donna M Coles) tweeted:

#TrumpGenocide #KurdsBetrayedByGOP https://t.co/6rZjsuHkSw

@Sky_Lee_1 (Skyleigh #FreeRed) tweeted:

With the recent news of Trump giving the ok to start shelling US Troops in Syria, I begged my mother to please watc… https://t.co/vpj3p9hnpG

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Al Arabia reporter couldn't keep her tears as she saw the displaced persons after the Turkish invasion attacks in N… https://t.co/cbDNyKsour

@Dr_HawzhinAzeez (Hawzhin Azeez) tweeted:

These men survived the brutal war with ISIS only to be murdered by terrorist regime of Turkey sanctioned by this em… https://t.co/AM1aSDGkoX

@Resister101 (See you in jail donn) tweeted:

Have Americans completely forgot about 9/11 and the 15 Saudis who did it? Now is the rime to scream traitor at tr… https://t.co/4eHSeOMsNc

@trevorw1953 (Trevor Warner ) tweeted:

In 1915, the world stood by while Turkey systematically exterminated 1.5 million Armenians. Will the world stand by… https://t.co/sPhkZuIKLG

@Helenhs (ProfHelen) tweeted:

As I was saying . . . #KurdsBetrayed #PutinsPuppet #TrumpGenocide https://t.co/GL7NyFKHv1

@Halo_Mala (Halo) tweeted:

It's really Kurdish uprising if we going on in our activities and make them stronger. #TrumpGenocide #Kalar peopl… https://t.co/iWRMwXYDGn

@L1Harrell71 (Lilian Harrell) tweeted:

If an American takes the highest office in the country & is ok with killing innocent people so his businesses profi… https://t.co/Z5d3OF

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