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Trend time: Sat Oct 12, 2019
Trend location: Guatemala / Guatemala
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@KierstenWoglom (Kiersten Woglom) tweeted:

Plane must be going to Prague for #ABGT350 https://t.co/YEdojYEKjy

@tonymcguinness (TonyMcGuinness) tweeted:

Just noticed this backstage at #abgt350. Ralph @KyauAndAlbert is there something you're not telling us?! https://t.co/5k6ld7MRgt

@abgrouptherapy (Group Therapy) tweeted:

#Anjunafamily packing out the arena

@TranceAttack (TranceAttack) tweeted:

Goosebump moments with @GabrielNDresden... #NoWords #Legends #ABGT350 https://t.co/UABNXDc9v9

@Fonziie (Fronz) tweeted:

I’m not crying, you’re— actually, no, I am crying. #ABGT350 #Gratitude

@abgrouptherapy (Group Therapy) tweeted:

The people: "It's not an ABGT milestone without some new @KyauAndAlbert" Us: 'So True' Watch the #ABGT350 livestr… https://t.co/OFmWsQmpfq

@abgrouptherapy (Group Therapy) tweeted:

Next up in the trance-o-drome: Grum 'Stay' [Genix Remix]. Watch the #ABGT350 livestream: https://t.co/vec6jLlRlp @grummmusic @GenixDJ

@abgrouptherapy (Group Therapy) tweeted:

'Parallels Part 2', new from @andrewbayer's forthcoming 'Parallels' EP on October 25. Catch Mr. Bayer on tour acro… https://t.co/unJN90CKly

@abgrouptherapy (Group Therapy) tweeted:

About time these two got together. @iBluestone & @djoliversmith 'Blue Eagle'. Watch the #ABGT350 livestream: https://t.co/vec6jLlRlp

@marlo_music (MaRLo) tweeted:

Lisa is awesome and so is #ABGT350

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