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@daultonbeckk (DaultonTV.Spooky) tweeted:

7 years out and I feel proud! #NationalComingOutDay https://t.co/h5GDX0JzQY

@TodayTix (TodayTix) tweeted:

Today is #NationalComingOutDay, so we’re honoring some of the most iconic LGBTQIA+ stories to have graced the Broad… https://t.co/8uteGoCTbF

@Hopelessgirl10 ((ML)Sʜᴀʏ) tweeted:

So Uh Hi #NationalComingOutDay If you're new here I'm Shay, I'm a bisexual nonbinary person! I officially came o… https://t.co/iO0WEBzEIM

@birdgirl1001 (Dr. Melissa Bird) tweeted:

I am bisexual. I have been married 4 times... 2 times to women, 2 times to men. Just because I am married to a m… https://t.co/ygyJ89sOEC

@birdgirl1001 (Dr. Melissa Bird) tweeted:

The bottom line...we walk a tension of little to no acceptance from either community. This is what it means to love… https://t.co/XCfW5xmGlR

@birdgirl1001 (Dr. Melissa Bird) tweeted:

I just argued with my husband for 2 days about queer spaces and what happens when straight people enter them withou… https://t.co/Ss6NX2g1kw

@birdgirl1001 (Dr. Melissa Bird) tweeted:

If you don’t know who Matthew Shepard is please google him. I love you all. Go forward and engage in graceful revo… https://t.co/deuQRCg7se

@l0nelyystoner (Shanna Grace) tweeted:

happi #NationalComingOutDay it’s been a blessing love whoever the fuk i want ❤️

@SaluteMeImKingB (B) tweeted:


@AlexzandriaD (ALEX) tweeted:

It’s #NationalComingOutDay ... so I figured I’d share my story... I was 15 when I told my mom “mom, I think I like… https://t.co/VBOJ97Qrnc

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