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@HecticTeacher (The Hectic Teacher ) tweeted:

In honour of #WorldMentalHealthDay I thought I would share a couple of bits I have written about my own MH issues:… https://t.co/4cC34EZs1n

@ () tweeted:

Dealing with your mental health when living with a lung condition can be difficult. We're here for you. You can c… https://t.co/tQjaPjBk8I

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

My dog Rosie definitely has a positive impact on my mental health

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Hey, in honor of #WorldMentalHealthDay I’m sharing this article I wrote, I hope it helps you in any way. Always kno… https://t.co/nIREspsMD4

@arianaaapretty (A R I A N A) tweeted:


@pragyaprasun (pragya prasun singh) tweeted:

80% of people keep their feelings to themselves because they believe it's hard for others to understand their pain.… https://t.co/1ff1Gjm39b

@himakshibatra1 (Himakshi Batra) tweeted:

Shoutout to all the Digital Marketeers and Social Media Managers on #WorldMentalHealthDay Social Media really fuck… https://t.co/kFUQgRIKHC

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Yesterday was #WorldMentalHealthDay - please continue to take time to care for yourself and for those who are impor… https://t.co/hXU2wAp7cS

@BDOIreland (BDO Ireland) tweeted:

Finishing up Workplace Wellbeing Week here at BDO with a food demo on preparing quick and healthy meals on the go.… https://t.co/8nwMJEjAYA

@agarv15 (Allie Garvin) tweeted:

Today might not be #WorldMentalHealthDay but mental health still matters! Keep the conversation going and keep cari… https://t.co/Hl6QNssG88

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