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Trend time: Sat Oct 12, 2019
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@AmiV2 (Ami Vider - עמי וידר) tweeted:

Planet Earth at Blue Hour #space #nasa https://t.co/DIbSk4HFc2

@fjp_95 (Jean-Pierre) tweeted:

#Astronomy #space Pic of the day - Planet Earth at Blue Hour - See more here : https://t.co/HbXimbETi4 … https://t.co/QwhgBj7uPz

@SES_Satellites (SES) tweeted:

"We came in peace for all mankind.” We rocketed to dizzying, awe-inspiring heights during Luxembourg Space Resource… https://t.co/TgPgcHLgf9

@misslfoster (Laura Foster) tweeted:

Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who became the first person in history to spacewalk in 1965, has died aged 85… https://t.co/SyT9iVfaWn

@elkinhernanha (Elkin H Hernández A) tweeted:

Mañana 12 de octubre se cumplen seis años de la tragedia que sobrevino al desplome de la torre 6 del edificio… https://t.co/fBmKh3pjOy

@fjp_95 (Jean-Pierre) tweeted:

#Astronomy #space Pic of the day - Interplanetary Earth - See more here : https://t.co/HbXimbETi4 … https://t.co/TFoT8BXSV2

@zaibatsu (Reg Saddler) tweeted:

A glimpse of a newly discovered exoplanet https://t.co/1mn4avT673 #Space https://t.co/wRliLeN4lg

@Forsan_UAE (فرسان الإمارات) tweeted:

مقتطفات من تجربة أجراها #هزاع_المنصوري أول رائد فضاء إماراتي لدراسة التصور والإدراك الزمني في بيئة منعدمة الجاذبية… https://t.co/iZcur8w1dC

@Forsan_UAE (فرسان الإمارات) tweeted:

6 تجارب علمية قام بها #هزاع_المنصوري على متن محطة الفضاء الدولية. . #أول_رائد_فضاء_إماراتي #الإمارات_في_الفضاء… https://t.co/GvdUXknrNj

@everspace_game (EVERSPACE) tweeted:

Attention, console #space pilots! We just added a digital game copy for #PS4 and #XboxOne for €35(~$39) without any… https://t.co/jWiSdr2o9e

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