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Trend time: Sat Oct 12, 2019
Trend location: Bahrain / Bahrain
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@jwsal (John Lubbock) tweeted:

Do you speak Turkish and live in London? I'm organising a workshop to train Turkish speakers to edit Wikipedia even… https://t.co/0SY6RJielw

@OpenDoorsUK (Open Doors UK ن) tweeted:

Please pray urgently for Christians in Qamishli, Kobani, Hassaka and other towns close to the Syrian border with Tu… https://t.co/fkW39IgCMW

@ameddicleT (Amed Dicle) tweeted:

Like ISIS, Turkey bombs the locations where people meed their basic needs, like hospital, bakery, drinking water, a… https://t.co/S0lTFGLIXy

@Gulnuray (Gülnur Aybet) tweeted:

1. Yoğun istek üzerine geçen akşam Amanpour ile @cnni da verdiğim mülakatın Türkçe altyazılı bölümlerini paylaşıyor… https://t.co/OccJCTvAC1

@foxXudosi (Fox) tweeted:

Turkish soldiers with #FSA sultan Murad and Hasakah shield forces. TSK soldiers let FSA ''practise'' with their sni… https://t.co/ECDVnI2Hhi

@RichardEngel (Richard Engel) tweeted:

For the record. Here is the WH statement issued on eve of Turkish invasion clearly saying that it was about to happ… https://t.co/OA00B4sJ3z

@RudawEnglish (Rudaw English) tweeted:

#BREAKING The Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, Havrin Khalaf, died today after her car was targeted by… https://t.co/ukKMTvX73o

@southfronteng (SouthFront) tweeted:

Turkish Artillery 'Accidentally' Shelled US Forces Deployed In Northern Syria https://t.co/DsBdmPguno

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Our #SDF fighters are showing a heroic and historical resistance against this aggression. 10 of our fighters rose g… https://t.co/bUj3VaX4Mp

@jenanmoussa (Jenan Moussa) tweeted:

1/ The fear of the Turkish operation in North Syria is not limited to Kurds. But other minorities as well. I visi… https://t.co/KAqzbD8RCw

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