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Trend time: Sat Oct 12, 2019
Trend location: Italy / Italy
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@fedecarestia (Fede Carestía) tweeted:

Hoy se estreno la película de Breaking Bad y con @RjMitte hablamos de lo que significó la serie para él y para la t… https://t.co/hlwqkPSUKF

@BaalDrogo (BaEl Camino) tweeted:

Friendship goals AF... pinkman and pete #ElCamino https://t.co/EB63gIs79Q

@boraydemir (Boray) tweeted:

Aga be... #ElCamino https://t.co/qpAnhdEqLt

@FuckCinephiles (FuckingCinephiles) tweeted:

#RIPRobertForster, qui nous a quitté hier à l'âge de 78 ans, le jour de la diffusion de son dernier film, #ElCamino… https://t.co/SuGpFKyNma

@SaudadeFutbol (DM for it.) tweeted:

#ElCamino was decent. It definitely lacked something, probably the harshness of Breaking Bad, but the tension was g… https://t.co/953gb0BgZ8

@AlexChenault (Hustle Crowe) tweeted:

RT @Stankstained: #ElCamino spoilers without context https://t.co/b0iIbdhr1e

@Julianalopes94O (Juliana⚯͛⚡) tweeted:

Skinny foi tão amorzinho ❤️ #ElCamino https://t.co/FhEZZ5Irot

@carcaramantin (Carlos Caramantin) tweeted:

Anoche vi #ElCamino y... https://t.co/sSuK9lLYDc

@ZMartianMusic (Zack Martian) tweeted:

shoutout to skinny pete #ElCamino

@strangerbina (a louca das séries) tweeted:

RT @Fontanei_: Da série: personagens impossíveis de odiar #ElCamino https://t.co/qVpkHNrQG6

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