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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
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@taymomo5 (taylor brianne) tweeted:

RT @april_varnell: Taylor: *looking at cookie* "What a beautiful piece of art."

@_byronius (Byerun) tweeted:

Played a $2000 Taylor guitar yesterday and I think I need it in my life

@oneof28 (Princess Lea ♛) tweeted:

@SmoakinSwift Ich heiße Emma und liebe Taylor Swift. Have your german sentence

@Taylor__Mease23 (Joziah) tweeted:

RT @indelics: i need something that's more than coffee but less than cocaine

@zack_koons22 (Zack koons⚽) tweeted:

Taylor jones is a bitch

@NkeEchika (Nke-Echika Chinanu) tweeted:

"@goal_intl: Mourinho: I trust referee Taylor for League Cup final http://t.co/WzIGeIkVkP" Attempt to get favourable decisions. Lol

@xdemisbae (ciastko) tweeted:

RT @VS_Artist: #TaylorSwift VS #SamSmith RT for Taylor Swift FAV for Sam Smith http://t.co/dQJdYJyDYx

@ashhculver (Ashley Culver) tweeted:

“@WorIdStarVidz: SHE ALMOST KILLED HERSELF http://t.co/K6zRCcbLwp” @kayculv @torii_taylor @AJCulver

@HecateLomewen (Christelle Cyx) tweeted:

Into The West (feat. Peter Hollens)-Taylor Davis: http://t.co/3DmItECiBO Ca change de Annie Lennox, étrange au début, très vite formidable !

@odiliagaribaldi (‎ً) tweeted:

RT @RepublicRecords: #NowTrending: A Very Happy Weeknd, Taylor at The BRITs + More! http://t.co/zcXTboY3kL http://t.co/Zo5hIeFKxG

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