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@fairytaesure (zalu;;) tweeted:

RT @UNFOLLOWRAZOES: odeia a taylor por que namorou o harry , unfollow

@taylor_vickey (taylor vickey) tweeted:

RT @LifeofaPrincess: When someone says they don't like my attitude

@TharathipNing () tweeted:

RT @ThaiSwifties: Taylor Swift กับเจ้าหญิงดิสนีย์

@jaceeeehh (jace``) tweeted:

RT @TSUpdatesOnline: Taylor and Olivia Benson!

@GodOfSwifties (Swiftie♡1332) tweeted:

RT @swiftismybae: Glamour's 75th anniv magazine with Taylor on the cover was their best-selling issue of 2014. #VoteTaylorSwift #KCA

@abrar_H12 (ᵃ | أ) tweeted:

RT @Ostreetstyles: Taylor Swift http://t.co/wDleiHO833

@HCRfanboy (Tim Tam) tweeted:

RT @TaylorDailyCom: Are you lost about which dates are the SoundWave Festival, #TheMedicineTour or supporting Marylin Manson? We help you h…

@jaceeeehh (jace``) tweeted:

RT @TSUpdatesOnline: Taylor with more fans in Nashville! http://t.co/MCr425XyQh

@lrrisoria (Red Vintage) tweeted:

He puesto una canción de Taylor Swift. Estoy ya escuchando mariconeo antes de llegar a tu casa @AruMojamuta AUXILIO.

@jauroar (sof) tweeted:

the first album i ever bought was taylor swift's fearless in 2009 omg

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