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Valentine's Day

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Hai Phong / Vietnam
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@mishacollins (Misha Collins) tweeted:

People call me a "snake-oil salesman," & they're right! Make this Valentine's Day perfectly greasy... http://t.co/t5g9oMaQzR

@zakkcervini (Zakk Cervini) tweeted:

Valentine's Day is almost here and I don't even have one! Who's it gonna be??

@AboutLifeFact (Feeling™) tweeted:

Valentine's Day goals http://t.co/PJTXEaxs0X

@ddlovato (Demi Lovato) tweeted:

Get your man ready for Valentine's Day with @DevonnebyDemi​! #DevonneYourMan http://t.co/LdAbm0nsSu https://t.co/jWJ9GjCsC7

@dokfinkub (ดฝ.♡ที่กวังฮวามุน) tweeted:

Happy Valentine's Day @GaemGyu LOVE LOVE ^ ^))♡♡ http://t.co/8lkCcfWE7T

@dokfinkub (ดฝ.♡ที่กวังฮวามุน) tweeted:

Happy Valentine's Day @GaemGyu @donghae861015 because of LOVE ^ ^))♡♡ http://t.co/vjaO6M13hg

@dokfinkub (ดฝ.♡ที่กวังฮวามุน) tweeted:

Happy Valentine's Day @siwon407 and welcome to Thailand ^ ^))♡♡ http://t.co/a9rAq18wbJ

@SondraDeeMe (Sondra Dee) tweeted:

Martha Stewart has lovely recipes for Valentine's Day meals and crafty utensils you can make which will also double as a shiv.

@4everAleisha (AleishaGirl) tweeted:

Happy Valentine's Day with Leishy

@WorldClassFacts (World Class Facts) tweeted:

Alexander Graham Bell applied for a patent for the telephone on Valentine's Day in 1876. http://t.co/6lhVQ6wkzJ

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