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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Hai Phong / Vietnam
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@imjonginswife (yash) tweeted:

Ryan: Work here in PH Dara: Go bck 2 PH 2 b w/ her fans Thunder: Wants 2 go back 2 PH & eat Chicken Joy Hoping 4 Julian Trono 2 b the

@neilmeron (Neil Meron) tweeted:

#Oscars producers assistant Ryan checking out #RedCarpet @TheAcademy @craigzadan @ABCNetwork @GMA http://t.co/seACwomTmw

@b_milly20 (Bryan Miller) tweeted:

I have the shittiest luck when it comes to everything

@FinishedPlayers (Finished Players) tweeted:

Stephen Carr - Now a business man running high end bars and clubs in Marbella. http://t.co/t0JROYyRJh

@FitJamApp (FitJam) tweeted:

The magic is fighting for a dream that nobody sees but you #fitness http://t.co/z8dfWfDrcv

@patriciajoyy (Patricia Joy Javier) tweeted:

@reyendyen ryan alam mo ba pano magpaquiz si Ma'am Lit huhu

@Jesse_GLT (Jesse) tweeted:

@Ryan_GLT /เอื้อมือไปจิ้มแก้ม/ ระวังแตกนะ ฮะๆๆ

@Ryan_DeLarme (hp_loveshaft) tweeted:

Snatch the Moguls loot, full cold moons to shoot, itchy trigger finger Tappin at the root, night dust on the mantle piece mighta tookasnoot

@Ryan_Moore25 (Ryan Moore) tweeted:

RT @b_milly20: I have the shittiest luck when it comes to everything

@wiiniiwin (Win) tweeted:

Upham♥ "@restudhielisto: Ini lagi

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