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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Hanoi / Vietnam
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@yunjaery (taury #the_chance_of) tweeted:

Yunho...pushed Changmin's head onto the cake...not enough still touch his head a few times

@snxy () tweeted:

As cam was on kyuhyun he did T a few times as yunho did his gag

@yunjaery (taury #the_chance_of) tweeted:

Changmin sang At Gwanghwamun and Yunho interrupted with his rassungorerai gag. And the screen cut to Kyuhyun who did a T with YH's gag.

@snxy () tweeted:

- but when Yunho's moving block passed, from my angle it looked like Yunho threw a ball in Kyuhyun's direction ^^ #TohoWithTourNagoya

@lovehug48 (SiSi) tweeted:

#Yunho pretending Bruce Lee in nagoya #TohoWithTour tonight ...... its really funny even himself feel shy & laughing too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

@12262618 (렌지) tweeted:

"@jiwvet: ใกล้มาก ฟินมาก The best seat for me in this tour~ #TohoWithTour #Yunho #2ndDayNagoya https://t.co/1detUMa3Ye" 무대내려가쪙?0?

@paulisteu (딸기사슴) tweeted:

#TohoWithTour Yunho's warm words ♥ http://t.co/gjyYHv4Uac

@kyoumo0206 (Ringo의 운명) tweeted:

1. RT@All_About_Yunho 【나고야 2일차】#TohoWithTour 윤호가 「여러분들 정말 개성적이네요. 따뜻한 말을 할 줄 알았어?ㅋ 그건 오늘 창민이 할거니까」라고 앞서 얘기하는 바람에 눈이 커져서 놀라는 창민.

@raichanxd (미) tweeted:

Some fans also said apparently like Changmin, Yunho also tried to throw a ball to Kyu xD

@LuvTV2XQ (Yoko☆Waiting For C&Y) tweeted:

2/21 #TohoWithTour Yunho did "count number n do and funny thing at multiples of 3" http://t.co/E3kUXq6CFW

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