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@mohadasilva2 (MOHAMƎD ) tweeted:

In this Kibra by election

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Khalwale was like, 'Can we talk peacefully?' #KibraVotes #TangatangaSoreLosers #ODMUnleashesGoons #KibraPolls https://t.co/Y0ucD8uAbC

@Hotluq_Epawah (#COVID19) tweeted:

#TangatangaSoreLosers #TangatangaSoreLosers #ODMUnleashesGoons #KibraByelection #KibraVotes #ArrestODMBodabodaGang One word to Imran

@BKhaniri (Brian Khaniri) tweeted:

2022 LESSONS FROM KIBRA A good strategy can transform a STRONGHOLD to a BATTLEFIELD. In 2022 the hustler nation w… https://t.co/YcqqwQ9olu

@AJayzWorld (Josephine Nyakiamo ) tweeted:

Lakini ile maneno nimeona leo pale Kibra shows we still have a long way to go come the next gen election… https://t.co/5ESyqgSxTW

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @Asmali77: These pictures are disheartening and sad. This man was once a kingpin of a whole community, he’s a medical doctor, the immedi…

@NyaigotiOmwenga (Khevol) tweeted:

RT @Railajunior: Jakom bedroom chal maber ahinya kodi; koro kiny nyiswa ni en holiday kose? @railaodinga wadwaro miel kawuono nyaka chee!…

@Giggs_Yule_Moja (Giggs Yule Moja) tweeted:

RT @mohadasilva2: In this Kibra by election

@pgakoi72 (Toshman ✳️ ) tweeted:

You are hiding behind those keypads and keyboards laughing at maringa while praising Imran and maybe supper unakula… https://t.co/xqZQdoVWQz

@waweru (Frantz Fanon) tweeted:

RT @andrewsuleh: This is Lindi in the center of Trench Town Kibra to the west is Nile Miles,Laini Saba,and North is Soweto,home to Luandama…

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