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@jdepoet (Dennis Chande) tweeted:

Fellas, voting is OVERRATED. Never hurt your brother because politics. #KibraVotes

@Ahmeydin1 (Meydin) tweeted:

RT @Asmali77: These pictures are disheartening and sad. This man was once a kingpin of a whole community, he’s a medical doctor, the immedi…

@Platuex (Son of a Teacher) tweeted:

#KibraVotes Hey @IEBCKenya what is the work of biometric kits in an election if they cant transmit results? This is… https://t.co/3iHJJwcRIv

@GrayMarwa (Grayson Marwa) tweeted:

#Tonight with @YvonneOkwara

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @AmedoShair: Thank you @WilliamsRuto and @MarigaOfficial for shaking their bedroom. This is a sign and a guarantee of greater what might…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @DjDaboTrabo: Well leo nayo pale kwenye #KibraPolls it's wasn't bull fighting but rather @KBonimtetezi Ali amua iwe MAWE fighting. Kwa g…

@gbaddia (george baddia) tweeted:

RT @MarkDienya: Boni Khalwale came to practice Stone Throwing in Kibra, the other day he was at @AMLiveNTV Saying Luos are Violent, I lik…

@kiptooh1 (KoRoS hILl) tweeted:

#Rutoimpressivenumbersin kibra #KibraVotes

@Rayie254 (Koomeⓒⓚ) tweeted:

Chipo mwitu ya 50 cup mbili za muratina na kishash kimoja tunakamilisha supper

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@DrAlfredMutua @RailaOdinga @orengo_james Mbele iko sawa meaning now you have some clout to politic about your ambi… https://t.co/ljigZy9hC3

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