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@dorangugo (dora) tweeted:

RT @OAmollo: #Kibravotes...Going...Going...Gone! Current tally ODM : Bernard Okoth 21306 ANC : Owalo 4529 Jubilee : Mariga 9652 Ford K 248…

@EzraMaingih (Ezra Maingi) tweeted:

RT @GrayMarwa: #Tonight with @YvonneOkwara

@MikeWindward (It is Finished) tweeted:

RT @BKhaniri: 2022 LESSONS FROM KIBRA A good strategy can transform a STRONGHOLD to a BATTLEFIELD. In 2022 the hustler nation will invade…

@walenisi45 (mtoto wa baba) tweeted:

A dog will only chase what it's master says chase, hence bonny's acts #KibraVotes

@quayvoh (Kevin Wahome) tweeted:

RT @Asmali77: These pictures are disheartening and sad. This man was once a kingpin of a whole community, he’s a medical doctor, the immedi…

@solomonruhiu (Lord Ruhiu-Baron Of ) tweeted:

In 2017 Ken Okoth beat the Jubilee candidate by 52,000 votes. If ODM does not maintain such a margin with the hands… https://t.co/fUMjchC3e1

@MissGordons1 (Miss Gordons ) tweeted:

RT @AJayzWorld: Lakini ile maneno nimeona leo pale Kibra shows we still have a long way to go come the next gen election #KibraByelection #…

@polycarp_etyang (Polycarp) tweeted:

Kelele peleka ukoooooooooooooooo Ama aliachwa juu ya udaku ndogondogo

@Belive_Kinuthia (Mr. Kinuthia Pius.) tweeted:

So this Deputy President is OVERRATED and is just a flower Deputy President? Anyway ,#BedroomIsIntact .#KibraVotes… https://t.co/PURNlTi9y1

@Ted_Amunga (Thor'Pawn♟️) tweeted:

RT @citizentvkenya: Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa roughed up in Kibra #KibraDecides #KibraVotes #KibraByelection https://t.co/uP1D717VqV

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