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@funder (Scott Dworkin) tweeted:

Please don’t tweet out #TrumpExtorted. Trump wants everyone to keep using the word quid pro quo. He will get really… https://t.co/oXfVt2w8lh

@funder (Scott Dworkin) tweeted:

President Obama never blackmailed anyone. Trump tried to blackmail our ally Ukraine using taxpayer money. It’s ille… https://t.co/SYv2dU8ETx

@funder (Scott Dworkin) tweeted:

Raise your hand if you agree that #TrumpExtorted Ukraine.

@joncoopertweets (Jon Cooper ) tweeted:

#TrumpExtorted Ukraine and threatened our national security. The GOP knows that. If Republicans fail to do their co… https://t.co/K3gbVfS7s9

@indivisibletx24 (Indivisible TX-24) tweeted:

Hey @JohnCornyn Is it ok to #Extort and #Bribe a foreign country to interfere in our elections? Just answer that… https://t.co/dwHjUh4nGT

@funder (Scott Dworkin) tweeted:

Droves of Trump supporters left in the middle of Trump’s speech at his hate rally in Louisiana. Sad. #TrumpExtorted

@mmpadellan (BrooklynDad_Defiant!) tweeted:

#WhatTriggersConservatives The fact that everyone knows that #TrumpExtorted, despite their *best* efforts to spin… https://t.co/6AdPvQU49t

@lesleyabravanel (Lesley Abravanel) tweeted:

@realDonaldTrump Your big Kentucky bust sunk in, you realize the whistleblowers' testimonies have been corroborated… https://t.co/wdbvGXgpaN

@TheDailyEdge (The Daily Edge) tweeted:

He promised 5% growth, but GDP has slowed to just 1.9%. He promised the #GOPTaxScam would grow tax revenues, but t… https://t.co/K5W7RitMJo

@jamijturner (This madness MUST EN) tweeted:

I NEED ONE! #TrumpExtorted https://t.co/uyDYeHw8Ju

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