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Trend time: Thu Nov 07, 2019
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@MichaelTatarTV (Michael Tatar WTOL) tweeted:

Okay. Let’s be honest. Who woke up early JUST to get their free holiday cup from @Starbucks ☕️

@lisaharkinsRD (Lisa Harkins) tweeted:

Am I an idiot/is it too early or is the printing screwed up on the Starbucks Red coffee cups this year?… https://t.co/13L5AEHTkK

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

If u wanna hear a bunch of #karen complaining then follow #StarbucksCupGiveaway . They didn’t give you hot chocolate?!

@MissMarmo (Mrs Marmo) tweeted:

✔ Went Early ✔ Ordered beverage that is part of the promotion ✔ Got Free Cup ✔ Gave 0 Baristas a hard time ✔ Had 0… https://t.co/HH5j2FDlY6

@OfficialJoelF (Joel Franco) tweeted:

REMINDER: Get a free reusable red cup @Starbucks today with purchase of a holiday drink #StarbucksCupGiveaway https://t.co/1wYttWjMDu

@travisakers (Travis Akers) tweeted:

Today is #StarbucksCupGiveaway day... better known as the day Karen complains to the manager about not receiving a… https://t.co/mZ1CarI9xq

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Starbucks employees today when they are repeatedly asked " What drink do I have to buy to get a free cup"?… https://t.co/isWx3Dp3F5

@MrsBundrige (MrsBundrige) tweeted:

#StarbucksCupGiveaway when will the shaming begin for those rushing out to get this cup?

@heykvb (kvb) tweeted:

#StarbucksCupGiveaway Finally last year’s cup has found her soul mate. https://t.co/sNmsWwAys4

@QuickTake (QuickTake by Bloombe) tweeted:

⚡️ Starbucks’ red holiday cups are back, and they’re reusable #StarbucksCupGiveaway https://t.co/WOh2OwCGgE

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