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Trend time: Fri Nov 08, 2019
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@MelbourneCity (Melbourne City FC ) tweeted:

The red and white returns to @AAMIPark.

@tonnicorneto (Antonio Jiménez ) tweeted:

Stajcic lo despidieron de la Australia Fémina #TheMatildas debido a q la FFA dijo que los entrenamientos y el traba… https://t.co/8W8yNqOzV5

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Is Archie wearing gloves so that he doesn’t accidentally touch a vaccinated person? #MCYvCCM https://t.co/jCK8yUSDPO

@hamishjones () tweeted:

I think @MelbourneCity looks good in red and white. Been here since the beginning.

@ArtSapphire (Athas Zafiris) tweeted:

Walking under the Swan St Bridge to AAMI Park to see #MCYvCCM with @puffinhaggis. https://t.co/3yAAADxE12

@WestSydney (West Sydney Football) tweeted:

Apparently there's a different game on now. #MCYvCCM. https://t.co/ikTKme6FEQ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Where’s the crowd? #MCYvCCM

@triciamifsud (triciamifsud) tweeted:

I thought I was watching a City game, looks like a Western crowd with all that green in the stands #MCYvCCM

@kiwibardy (Brandon Clarke ⚫️) tweeted:

Why is Stenseness wearing Rowles' Jersey? #MCYvCCM

@official_lesdog (Les St) tweeted:

How long have Mariners had this sponsor? Can't say I've seen it before. #MCYvCCM

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