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Trend time: Sun Nov 10, 2019
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@dko8ae (달콤한,동영배) tweeted:

동영배 웰컴

@kaaaaayyne (PURPOSE ) tweeted:

@soompi kindest and sweetest man alive #ThankGodItsSundae #Dope_Discharge_Congratz https://t.co/BTVB2t0hCp

@VIP8Official (_I am Very Important) tweeted:

ยินดีต้อนรับดวงใจของวีไอพีทั้งสองดวงกลับมา ยินดีที่สุดที่เค้าทำหน้าที่ได้อย่างดี แข็งแรง สดใส ทั้งแจกของ ทั้งกอด… https://t.co/zRumFfaLMx

@KAvenyou (KAvenyou • 케이애버뉴) tweeted:

Welcome back

@carlinabella (Carlina Simanjuntak) tweeted:

RT @2PIIM: welcome back, #BIGBANG

@Tg_suga (♡'gηαηι'♡) tweeted:

RT @xB_Bang: VIP: we’re waiting for Bigbang 5 members YB: i know VIP: please tell Seungri we miss him too YB: i’ll do my best

@arithhhhh (BabaYaga) tweeted:

RT @xxxibgdrgn_p: @OH_mes2 Welcome back @Realtaeyang and Daesung #ThankGodItsSundae #Dope_Discharge_Congratz #DaeWeWillStayByUrSide htt…

@krzeslo_topa (welcome back sundae ) tweeted:

RT @xB_Bang: VIP: this is a live vid, can u say a msg to int VIPS. YB: TYSM for waiting & supporting Anything that u have done for me, I

@agashiseyo () tweeted:

RT @parksxndxrx: yung di kayo prepared for group presentation sa klase.... #ThankGodItsSunDae #Dope_Discharge_Congratz #DaeWeWillStayByU…

@BeautyfulWorld_ (Present: VIP) tweeted:

RT @Phoenix_8188: ot4 stans: he was uncomfortable when they talked to him about seungri also youngbae : taking seungri doll and saying his…

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