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Trend time: Sun Nov 10, 2019
Trend location: Ranchi / India
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@Wonho_France (Wonho France 7 OR 7) tweeted:

"Merci beaucoup de rendre Monsta x fier. Les Monbebe sont une grande partie de ma vie. Je vous aime tellement et me… https://t.co/8WUG3DxZx7

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:


@liyaxmx () tweeted:

Good morning everyoneee #ForWonho #변화를_위해_싸우다 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent

@edaaaay (Nam-ı diğer Eday ⋈ ) tweeted:

Şimcangınn nabodaa moncooo nege dwiogaa Kı çingu nohkacooo #ForWonho #변화를_위해_싸우다 https://t.co/pkE0rHzrtJ

@KimchiKimbapKim (김치김밥김) tweeted:

Even if Monsta X isn't nominated today, I'm relieved we'll be saw them on stage again and they somehow got throug… https://t.co/KjEMtDlgm5

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Even the Philippines has seen a rise in cyber bullies in recent years, people so courageous in sending death threat… https://t.co/fFmELIVonK

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

me sending my love to wherever wonho is #ForWonho #변화를_위해_싸우다 @OfficialMonstaX https://t.co/2caDl0Vtvm

@rosiemonx (rose ⋈ 7-1=7) tweeted:

Twitterda o kadar tweet atıyorum ki artık rüyamda tweetlerime yanıt verildiğini falan görmeye başladım. Sanırım bu… https://t.co/IhKK3Fe7XA

@ibangearn (°) tweeted:

คนเก่งวันนี้ได้ยิ้มบ้างแล้วรึยังคะ คิดถึงนะ. #ForWonho #변화를_위해_싸우다 https://t.co/zOYBg2xjQC

@Nenthomas (HeonyBee ) tweeted:

@1nteinstrgshity Keep saying it! #ForWonho #변화를_위해_싸우다 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent

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