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Trend time: Sun Nov 10, 2019
Trend location: Jerusalem / Israel
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Labour & Tories trigger spending war of borrowing last seen in the 1970s. Yet Lib Dems will have a £50Bn remain bon… https://t.co/ra9BOL

@richbsys (Richard Beasley #FBP) tweeted:

I hate Brexit. I hate the Tories I’m upset how awful labour are. I hate our media. Ready to leave Uk, but children… https://t.co/9GTRtD2jOH

@angryaboutbikes (hotwife miami) tweeted:

@PolhomeEditor Given that she was some anonymous nobody in 2016, who took this screenshot 3 hours after it was post… https://t.co/g3RGx5YgtB

@labour (The Labour Party) tweeted:

'Councillors are frustrated and demoralised all over Ireland because the housing process is so slow that it is fail… https://t.co/0fuZ2iWU7d

@WelshLabDeputy (Deputy Leader of Wel) tweeted:

@ChrisMousse3 (Rt Rev Sir Chris Pam) tweeted:

Before anyone rolls their eyes- think. Five years ago, would you have thought that the @Conservatives would be enac… https://t.co/brWCBfPmNM

@evolvepolitics (Evolve Politics) tweeted:

The Daily Express. Two different articles. Two months apart. The policies are virtually identical. - Labour will… https://t.co/Uxp5nlPwkt

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Jarrow desperately needs a Labour MP to stand up for local people. I’m thrilled to have been selected as the candid… https://t.co/WWL0Hw9nJZ

@astanybisto (Bisto) tweeted:

@AcocksGreenYES @gardensinboots @enjoykingsheath Even with a new Labour candidate LibDems cannot win this seat. A v… https://t.co/9Creyok1LJ

@meadwaj (James Meadway) tweeted:

Canvassing turnouts everywhere are *huge*. Of course Labour can win this (and yes people on the ground really is th… https://t.co/RXF0GqrIEh

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