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Trend time: Sun Nov 10, 2019
Trend location: Jerusalem / Israel
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@valwaldeck (Val Waldeck) tweeted:

The god of human sacrifice placed in front of a so-called Holy Christian Site with permission of the Vatican. Are y… https://t.co/aVmIRjvr3L

@JoysonPR (Joyson Cherian) tweeted:

Who should play John McAfee? I've got Christian Bale as the number 1 contender. . Who else? #CyberSecurity https://t.co/ETZLumnb55

@mariiisse_tan () tweeted:

I have a christian friend who waited until marriage. I think we should all respect them instead of pressuring and h… https://t.co/JqdbuAqIS6

@MothershipSG (Mothership.sg) tweeted:

Silent war https://t.co/B6PasnlUDL

@PreciousGNSD () tweeted:

IF YOU LIKE...don’t go to church. Stay there at home. Sha don’t come & lie to yourself & others by saying “you don… https://t.co/zw

@PhilippineStar (The Philippine Star) tweeted:

LOOK: The Manila City government confiscated more than 300 mobile phones from vendors at various malls across Manil… https://t.co/BxDs7YDqu5

@Kyliving720 (Kentuckyliving) tweeted:

Check out King James Version KJV Holy Bible (2008, Paperback) Religious Christian https://t.co/t3v6Hvc314 @eBay

@IndieWire (IndieWire) tweeted:

Christian Bale Says He’s Done Getting Fat for Roles https://t.co/UYtNRRoFAj https://t.co/MuNF6OLpVm

@SpeakLiveTrue (freeSPIRIT) tweeted:

Listen attentively to the wind, you would feel a hug from the universe in every breeze. -Christian Torres… https://t.co/hfnvvlrrXz

@HibernianFC (Hibernian FC) tweeted:

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