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Trend time: Sun Nov 10, 2019
Trend location: Jerusalem / Israel
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@crusaderproject (The Crusader Project) tweeted:

@MonicaCrowley This is a memorial to the people killed by the East German government as they tried to escape. https://t.co/csxSks30Kz

@anjamalkreativ (Anja) tweeted:

In case anyone wonders why I engage this much against #Brexit although (because!) I'm German - here is the answer.… https://t.co/Sf4l63Qvqj

@Tayyaba__94 () tweeted:

New kind of thief

@DamnHotBod (It'sMeDylan) tweeted:

German Stunner

@thestevennabil (Steven nabil) tweeted:

#Breaking Iraqis are reporting to me(sim text) that the government is running interference on German channel… https://t.co/uPvyolGQIQ

@alexandreafonso (Alexandre Afonso) tweeted:

Since it's 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, here's a cool paper by Kern and Hainmueller that shows that… https://t.co/7yC0jf63bq

@AuschwitzMuseum (Auschwitz Memorial) tweeted:

In an article on the evening of 11 November, Joseph Goebbels ascribed the events to the "healthy instincts" of the… https://t.co/R57PMMiETh

@AuschwitzMuseum (Auschwitz Memorial) tweeted:

Only three years after the Kristallnacht the physical extermination of Jews began in Germany & German-occupied Euro… https://t.co/BSGfam

@hermanntertsch (Hermann Tertsch) tweeted:

La ministra cree que Nerea Alzola merece una paliza por ser de Vox. Es el tratamienro especial a Vox que reclama El… https://t.co/uCEJ4FiasN

@ClarkeMicah (Peter Hitchens) tweeted:

Of course not. The Lenin putsch in Petrograd in October 1917 was enabled and financed by the German High Command, u… https://t.co/Qet00CSUIG

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