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Trend time: Sun Nov 10, 2019
Trend location: Haifa / Israel
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RT @JacksonWang852: I'm on @MostRequestLive 11/23 for my WORLDWIDE @iHeartRadio @AskAnythingChat. Thanks to @OnAirRomeo for making it happe…

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RT @Olivia__Winters: Supporting sex workers: a guide. DO:

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RT @Haezernut_0606: plz rt

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send money.

@unofiatu (Liz) tweeted:

RT @HongKongFP: "The organisers send their sincere condolences to Chow Tsz-lok's family and friends, and wishes a quick recovery to all inj…

@helloitshogan (Hogan ) tweeted:

RT @WrongN1K: fuck nudes, send me ur report card so Ik I’m not fuckin wit a dumbass

@__lizbethhh_m (Lizbeth martinez) tweeted:

RT @cassidykoehn: @ all of the sugar daddies that keep following me: do any of u want to send me money and get absolutely nothing in return

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RT @TheBiola_: Just send your crush a “Hi, are you single? If yes, let’s date” message in his DMs now! Don’t waste time, life’s too short.

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