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Trend time: Sun Nov 10, 2019
Trend location: Haifa / Israel
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Just filmed some amazing content, make sure y’all check it out

@ESBEVSolutions (ESB EV Solutions) tweeted:

Are you an electric black cab driver in #London? We now have a brand new, taxi-only rapid charge point at the follo… https://t.co/jFYJ5PEAmm

@alcampian (•¤● Ian Campbell ●¤•) tweeted:

Well @HumzaYousaf, I did "check that on the tape"

@TheICIR (The ICIR) tweeted:

FACT CHECK: Pictures of Nigerians protesting Buhari’s medical tourism in London are FAKE | The ICIR https://t.co/rQXvg7akUN

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#KazGA Krn gw pen beli lippie unyu ini dan pen samaan sm kalian. So, yg mau boleh RT + Rep mau yg mana shadenya. B… https://t.co/qnRulCq2P4

@floofadootz (Flufferanian) tweeted:

Sorry to sound rude but I'm just gonna pin this for a lil bit. Nobody has to respond to anything they don't feel c… https://t.co/5PUfyZ479h

@ImpactWales (Impact) tweeted:

Using flashcards to learn & revise? Use the Leitner Method. Check out how

@RiotVe1vet (Elie) tweeted:

Prestige Qiyana filter available on Louis Vuitton’s page! Check it out and send me cute selfies you take with it!!… https://t.co/olj227bU6z

@sammyrigaud (Sammy Rigaud) tweeted:

Check out our video from last year

@malecsmercy (k ✦) tweeted:

Let Me Be Whole Again / #LMBWA chapter 16: distance welcome back to the rollercoaster! Hope y'all are still in a… https://t.co/xCtheqJnWR

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