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Trend time: Sun Nov 10, 2019
Trend location: Ahmedabad / India
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@shangambling (Shan Gambling) tweeted:

@RequestABet #RequestABet Liverpool to score 3+, Liverpool to win & City 2+ cards #LIVMCI

@Rozkez67 (Kerry ) tweeted:

Massive game today!..

@dayadEL (Goda Takeshi) tweeted:

RT @LFCIndonesia:

@objohnob (John OB) tweeted:

#LFC #LIVMCI https://t.co/lKHoLSirlm

@KloppoMagic (Pinal Kachhadia #19) tweeted:

Hope VAR officials don’t fuck up the biggest game of the league #LIVMCI

@Donaldmmala (Donald Thabang Mmala) tweeted:

RT @SuperSportTV: A season-defining moment took place when Manchester City and Liverpool met last season, what’s going to happen today? #PL…

@dtwalsh83 (Dominic Walsh) tweeted:

Looking forward to VAR spoiling the Liverpool/Manchester City game today. Just seen the Sheffield United/Tottenham… https://t.co/XmQ5FROQ7m

@jet_bomber (Joaquín Guzmán) tweeted:


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