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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Bangkok / Thailand
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@RedVelvetGlobal (Red Velvet Global) tweeted:

[!!!] Let's trend #HappyWendyDay later (Feb. 21) at 12 AM KST to celebrate WENDY's 21st Birthday! #레드벨벳 #웬디 http://t.co/Vn1PqQdFP6

@jujiirRPG (อพจ. Peek a Boo) tweeted:

แฮปปี้เบิร์ทเดย์ จ้านุ้งอ้วน ^^ #HappyWendyDay #Wendy @jujiirRPG http://t.co/XW93GXo7wY

@Btaeng09 (BGi) tweeted:

แฮปปี้เบิร์ดเดย์ตัวจิ๋ว จุ๊บ

@engm_kr (ENGM) tweeted:

완아 생일 축하해

@Btaeng09 (BGi) tweeted:

มีอีกเวอร์ชัน รกหน่อยแต่รักนะ ☺️ #HappyWendyDay http://t.co/fi8ao7a7IU

@doubletakes_ (DOUBLE TAKE) tweeted:

@SMTownEngSub (SMTownEngSub) tweeted:

Happy Birthday Wendy ╔╗╔╗╔╦═╦══╦══╦╗╔╗ ║║║║║║═╣╔╗║╦╗║╚╝║ ║╚╝╚╝║═╣║║║╩╝╠╗╔╝ ╚════╩═╩╝╚╩══╝╚╝ #HappyWendyDay


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WENDY!!⛄️ #HappyWendyDay #REDVELVET_TH http://t.co/TiRTdbdWIm

@engm_kr (ENGM) tweeted:

무대 위에서의 모습도 항상 응원해♥ #HappyWendyDay http://t.co/dAN6hCr8Cs http://t.co/VXMwk2z7D0 http://t.co/uLtQPzKWz9

@codenumber329 (LOVE CODE, 329) tweeted:

시원한 미소를 가진 승완아 생일 축하해 #HappyWendyDay http://t.co/LelfjJY9h8 http://t.co/8MzwascZRS

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