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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Bangkok / Thailand
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@WGWorldCafe (원더걸스 월드) tweeted:

[#Yubin/info] Sing With Justin&Yubin. For a chance to star in "The Heartbroken" official MV! http://t.co/27PsimrtSR http://t.co/3xEGK8zy

@Astroplus1 (Astroplus) tweeted:

Get the FIRST LOOK to Darren Espanto's official MV for "In Love Ako Sa 'Yo" on MYX PREMIERE! LATER TODAY AT 6PM! http://t.co/epFUeWehHX

@jinyoung2304 (제이와이) tweeted:

[#칠전팔기구해라] 진영 (Jinyoung of B1A4), 유성은 (U Sung Eun) - I'm In Love https://t.co/J5FmnvGm9V the official MV of our ver of I'm In Love is out~

@PMGIF_ELF (.pim) tweeted:

คนที่ใช่ (The 1) - Jetset'er【OFFICIAL MV】: http://t.co/OAmdim0C6y via @YouTube

@BENNY_SONMIN4 (เบนนี่) tweeted:

นนท์ ธนนท์ - เกินมาตรฐาน [Official MV]: http://t.co/JNd1A3FuDg ให้เวนดี้ ฮี่ๆๆๆๆๆๆ

@jinyoung2304 (제이와이) tweeted:

#칠전팔기구해라 (Team Never Stop) - 진심 (All My Heart) https://t.co/GLcv5IDEJm the official MV of our Perseverance team is out as well yeay!

@ellezociety (♪ ยัยแสบ™ ♫) tweeted:

ฮู้ ฮู - Potato [Official MV]: http://t.co/Spy4j4IBMk "ทำไมนักดนตรีต้องมาทำไรแบบนี้ด้วยว่ะ.." "นั่นดิ..แย่กว่าแต่ก่อนอีก.."

@2197x (ice ) tweeted:

คู่ชีวิต - COCKTAIL「Official MV」: http://t.co/GAOhq0UfJK via @YouTube

@KimmieZ_ (kimmie) tweeted:

อยู่ตรงนี้ นานกว่านี้ - GETSUNOVA【OFFICIAL MV】: http://t.co/02lLUSfmH8 via @YouTube

@chpmeen (- chp) tweeted:

Lipta : เชื่อฉันนะ..เถอะนะ [Official MV]: http://t.co/s2ZlZxV99r

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