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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Bangkok / Thailand
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@nipasawaddee (^^^~~~^~^~~^^^) tweeted:

Bridge over the Chao Phraya River, Thailand, named Rama 8. http://t.co/Rp9G7x4ESl

@99ssign99 (Ssign99 BoxX) tweeted:

【THAILAND DONATE】iKON DEBUT SUPPORT ※ รายละเอียด http://t.co/qvmD9nqtMz @SINOSIJAK http://t.co/iXWVqQFYMH

@sundayfundayz (High On Life™) tweeted:

Just want to lay here in Railay Thailand http://t.co/ps7tH9ZA3B

@sundayfundayz (High On Life™) tweeted:

Koh Nang Yuan Thailand Islands Joined by Sand http://t.co/vxxUgp2cP1

@WSJAsia (WSJ Asia) tweeted:

How to avoid the crowds in Thailand: http://t.co/EBjfC0ikJ6 http://t.co/xtLecxS2Z6

@hamzterzkub (แฮมมึนโนซอรัส-เร็กซ์) tweeted:

#ReviewThailand The Death Railway, Kanchanaburi Thailand http://t.co/MMnCByO8sG

@TRTHMXX (Ruxury) tweeted:

Amazing Thailand #Kohsamet #ReviewThailand http://t.co/pp4S837rgv

@IamGolfpy (nichg_) tweeted:

Phetchabun , Thailand #ReviewThailand http://t.co/sC6TmKQukn

@nat_nattasha (nat_nattasha) tweeted:

@BiIlionaires (Billionaires) tweeted:

I want to go to this floating cinema in Thailand

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