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Trend time: Fri Nov 22, 2019
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@Wuffpaw () tweeted:

Blossom found the perfect partner at Scotiacon! I think she wanted to take him home.

@BeinyShep (Beiny) tweeted:

Look at all these BALLS!!! #FursuitFriday

@LostCauseDog (LC #BLM) tweeted:

Go crazy, it’s #FursuitFriday! https://t.co/g8s1N29L1Q

@Tagaro_woof (Excited Wolf ) tweeted:

What do you think,does this harness fits me and makes me cute?

@ItsSochi (Sochi) tweeted:

Since June, I've been working on losing weight and getting in shape, and I can happily say that I have hit my secon… https://t.co/nIZhmP759M

@RioLepidoptera (Fem Top Energy) tweeted:

@pinkitsvne () tweeted:

happy #FursuitFriday !

@NexusFolf (Gale Frostbane) tweeted:

Happy #FursuitFriday! Look at these blue beans!

@_Akamii_ (Akamii) tweeted:

Woah! It’s already #FursuitFriday again?:0 Here’s some cut pics from when my bf and I did a mini photo shoot by th… https://t.co/NCar80EHIa

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

This pair of 5-finger handpaws was made with Faux Beaver fur in Black and White, and Fire Red Lux Shag! The claws a… https://t.co/BesCV55OY0

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