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@asgrandjean (Ammishaddai GJ) tweeted:

To those deferred, Don’t give up or walk away. Use it as a moment of humility, character building, & motivation to… https://t.co/elY9vJ

@UGAadmissions (UGA Admissions) tweeted:

THE WAIT IS OVER: EARLY ACTION DECISIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! Check your decision by logging into your status portal.… https://t.co/TL7IjfX8yI

@sarahjinga (Sarah Johnson) tweeted:

seeing admissions go out today and seeing the hashtag #Uga24 is making me feel real old

@ugaalumniassoc (UGA Alumni) tweeted:

Welcome to the Bulldog family, #UGA24! Once a Dawg, #AlwaysADawg.

@UGAStudent (UGA Student Affairs) tweeted:

Congratulations #UGA24 ! We absolutely can not wait to see you on campus. You made it! Each and every single one of… https://t.co/T5NboFJz32

@UGA_Engineering (UGA Engineering) tweeted:

Congratulations, #UGA24!!! Welcome to the Bulldog Family! @universityofga #CommitConnect https://t.co/oPxK0l8V3d

@UGAStudent (UGA Student Affairs) tweeted:

@colbywaters_ Congrats Colby! We’re happy to have you! #UGA24

@ugasga (UGA SGA) tweeted:

Congratulations to all the new Bulldogs from SGA! We can’t wait to have you on campus next year. #UGA24… https://t.co/jIGKfTiuNs

@UGAtennis (Georgia Tennis) tweeted:

Welcome #UGA24 and congrats! https://t.co/trQmdpiVwn

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

clearly i am very calm rn. #uga24 go dawgs!!!! @universityofga @UGAadmissions https://t.co/XUCNsqhQiu

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