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@MkJustSaid (Kuz) tweeted:

Competition Comm Data Services Market Inquiry: The Commission wants both Vodacom and MTN to reduce data prices by… https://t.co/PQasyFqXlN

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Competition Commission has ruled that service providers like Vodacom and MTN must reduce the prices of their data i… https://t.co/QgF9vpsaMz

@robertmarawa (robertmarawa) tweeted:

@GugsM (Gugulethu Mhlungu) tweeted:

I’ll never forget those scammers going to parliament under the guise of #datamustfall. https://t.co/ABuPQTrpyG

@Luungz (Saint Hov) tweeted:

MTN must return free Twitter nje #datamustfall

@TiyiBevhula (The Author) tweeted:

#DataMustFall so that I can easily market my book to everyone who is on Twitter. Please help me reach all Twitter p… https://t.co/NPVJ6ojfdv

@TimesLIVE (Times LIVE) tweeted:

#DataMustFall The Competition Commission on date prices in SA: "The prices are higher than they should be and highe… https://t.co/crt4qJfs29

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS... BAD NEWS: #Petrol is going up this week. ⛽⬆️ GOOD NEWS: #Competition Commission recomme… https://t.co/mUWNdfahGh

@tumisole (Tumi Sole) tweeted:

#DataMustFall One can only hope it’ll fall one day! Mobile companies are going to litigate for years to come!… https://t.co/S9PS9M0yrL

@TnambaneNambane (Thembekile Nambane) tweeted:

#DataMustFall if this Means all the Free Twitter Mafia's will be coming back I feel sorry for the sensitive people… https://t.co/IlgaHp2U4O

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