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@Emma_Tsebe (Emma ) tweeted:

#DataMustFall How Telkom ll be checking Mtn and Voda data prices in February and then lower Telkom 1GB Data to R5… https://t.co/emRrUGjMbJ

@Figjamfan (Suleman Modan) tweeted:

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@Lakgaadi (dobby issa free elf) tweeted:

They'll make it cheap, but it will finish ka the speed of light #DataMustFall https://t.co/Y43GBTFheD

@SaMmapago (Kingducer) tweeted:

Prices of 1GB Data bundle: R11-India R22-Nigeria R32-Namibia R149-South Africa This was in 2016/2017. SA Telecom… https://t.co/Y3AfHvdxOJ

@eNCA (eNCA) tweeted:

Vodacom and MTN must reduce their data prices immediately. The Competition Commission says the two telecom giants c… https://t.co/e3exdA8LYV

@AmandlaMobi (Amandla!) tweeted:

It was a David versus Goliath battle, but networks have constantly under-estimated people-powered campaigning… https://t.co/tTU036Ab3f

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#TwitterMomentOfTheDecade is when that first episode premiered ❤ And now #data #DataMustFall Its a sign guys The… https://t.co/iUWNI1grl4

@RealTshemedi (IG : Tshemedi ) tweeted:

#DataMustFall MTN once gave us free twitter.... and took it like a bitter ex.

@nxesisiniko (Njongo) tweeted:

RT @robertmarawa:

@BongekileMavovo (BMkhize) tweeted:

RT @robertmarawa:

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