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Trend time: Mon Dec 02, 2019
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@ayes2ayes (Ayes) tweeted:

#theswitch host Sanjeev needs to watch Bradley Walsh, this is how you sell a gameshow #CashTrapped

@BusTalesNE (Bus Tales NE. ♂️) tweeted:

Come on Nariece, put them out of their misery. Pull the trigger. #CashTrapped

@Max_Silver11 (Max_Silver) tweeted:

3 weeks in and still confused af #CashTrapped

@Lori_R94 (Loriiiii) tweeted:

Does anyone, and I mean ANYONE, know wtf #CashTrapped is all about??

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Ffs Nariece! #cashtrapped https://t.co/CuzzYjtSLR

@PadraigPiarais (Padraig Pearse ) tweeted:

No ya can't

@meeky2710 (Paul Meek) tweeted:

Well she completely ballsed that up. #CashTrapped

@xleahluna (leah ) tweeted:

On the plus side we get to see our Andy again tomorrow xx #CashTrapped

@sjp040565 (Stephen Parker) tweeted:

And still nobody wins. #CashTrapped #allbacktomorrow #again

@MichaelM238 (michael. ) tweeted:

These contestants are gonna be trapped forever, long after this show has been cancelled

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