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Trend time: Mon Dec 02, 2019
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@TallManVideos (TallManVideos) tweeted:

Capture that winning moment today by getting your final filmed today. Check out our promo video here… https://t.co/HiCuW99hba

@Auctionwint (Richard Winterton) tweeted:

Good evening #LichfieldLocal! Our #Lichfield Fine Arts & Specialist Sale is jam-packed with treasures

@VirtualTao (Cheryl Turner) tweeted:

This could be ideal fro Christmas gifts if you have an antiques lover in your life @Auctionwint #LichfieldLocal https://t.co/58ArP5KA4l

@LHCRT1 (Lichfield & Hatherto) tweeted:

Some photos from our Autumn Show, Coal & Canals by The Zouch Band, a great night and lots of money raised. We'll fi… https://t.co/CLo2rF

@CarlJCroft (Carl Croft) tweeted:

@lichfieldlocal Evening Jono. How are you this evening? It’s certainly been a cold one today. @SarieCroft took some… https://t.co/t8ow4H7rwJ

@LHCRT1 (Lichfield & Hatherto) tweeted:

We had a very busy weekend, not just our autumn show, we had a dozen visiting volunteers from the @wrg_navvies fore… https://t.co/zvg1CyOzeX

@CarlJCroft (Carl Croft) tweeted:

Did you catch me chatting to Stuart George @BBCRadioStoke at 3.30pm last Monday about making the healthy design cho… https://t.co/BZCYos3Hz0

@TheRag_Rawnsley (The Rag) tweeted:

Two dine for £40? Yes, it's our new festiva menu #LichfieldLocal - and you also get a bottle of House Wine to share… https://t.co/e4WoD5KviZ

@lichfieldlocal (Jonathan Oates) tweeted:

If you're looking to build or redesign your fantasy home this year - or in 2020 - then why not download the copy of… https://t.co/mShx2WFKo3

@seventeen_43 (Seventeen43_Events) tweeted:

From dinners and award evenings to annual parties and seasonal celebrations, we can help plan your event from start… https://t.co/BhBij3dYhQ

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