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@ethanjsomers (Ethan Somers) tweeted:

For years Republicans have been taking state legislatures to control local laws and redistricting We can ONLY stop… https://t.co/XQKGo7khgm

@modernangelo (Brady) tweeted:

RT @copyeditors: Join us today for #GivingTuesday! Your gift of $115 can cover the registration cost of one scholarship recipient to receiv…

@carlarjenkins (Carlarjenkins) tweeted:

RT @GivingTuesday: Everyone has something to give. It’s about the collective spirit of generosity that brings change to our communities whe…

@DavidUlloa1 (David Ulloa) tweeted:

RT @NickyHilton: Today is #GivingTuesday the global day of giving! Please join me in supporting @AnimalHaven, a non-profit organization tha…

@TrentReese5 (❄️Trent ❄️) tweeted:

@Chas10Buttigieg I’m supporting @lantern_theatre. A small nonprofit community theatre in Conway, AR looking to prov… https://t.co/4JDHRdyMuS

@odogramaci (Oktay Dogramaci) tweeted:

RT @PayPal: It’s @GivingTuesday. Give more by supporting the causes you love here. Starting at 6:00 AM EST PayPal will add 10% up to a tota…

@babsamiga (Barbara Kaye Friend) tweeted:

RT @AthleteAlly: Sport boosts mental and physical health, and builds community. Through LGBTQ education, policy and athlete activism, we’re…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

https://t.co/xubRTBj1gB Blackberry Ginger Ale! And a little chat... Hope yall enjoy #youtuber #RFandDP #GivingTuesday

@emsRaceTeam (EMS Race Team) tweeted:

RT @peta: Whether they're chained outside, abused for experiments, or forced to run for the #Iditarod—ALL dogs deserve proper care. Help u…

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