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@ProfStrachan (Prof Peter Strachan) tweeted:

Fascinating Drone images show #GreenlandIceSheet becoming more unstable as it fractures "It's a rare thing to act… https://t.co/srXtxdJNfY

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Otra mentira se revela en el discurso del pinochetista @sebastianpinera en la #COP25 , esto es Cumbre la Paloma, do… https://t.co/I0eVjfVUDl

@IGNSpain (IGN-CNIG) tweeted:

@radio_vitoria (Radio Vitoria) tweeted:

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

This morning’s demonstration by @gcdcj at #COP25 to establish a climate reparations fund for vulnerable, Indigenous… https://t.co/b7E6QIFLrq

@VIAQUA (Viaqua) tweeted:

O #CambioClimatico vese reflejado en moitos factores, entre eles no réxime de precipitacións. “Non é que chova meno… https://t.co/rMdf3FSZV9

@CAREGlobal (CARE International) tweeted:

At #COP25, governments, particularly from rich and powerful countries, must stop ignoring the #ClimateEmergency and… https://t.co/jdUfTNjq27

@Regions4SD (Regions4) tweeted:

@Patriciomonero (Patricio) tweeted:

Cooperación climática #COP25 https://t.co/PNykKzkCCe

@UNFCCC (UN Climate Change) tweeted:

On 4 December at #COP25, we'll be presenting #ClimateAction success stories and pathways to #ClimateNeutrality by m… https://t.co/A9MrW3pyjG

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