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@Kineara (Kineara) tweeted:

Excellent blog by @Shelter highlighting the national #HousingCrisis and four steps to lasting change for the housin… https://t.co/OwX3qzfsoW

@jennkfrench (Jennifer French) tweeted:

Pretty cool to tour the accessible model microhome set up by Durham Non-Profit Housing Corporation.This 320 sq ft t… https://t.co/agBBI9vLAF

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Labour, nobody else, will try to end homelessness. Cuba don't have a homelessness crisis, Cuba! So why the hell do… https://t.co/RrFRE5kc19

@LindyInstitute (The Lindy Institute) tweeted:

Public Voting Open! Cast your vote for Philly Social Innovators addressing #Equity #SocialJustice #Education… https://t.co/DHcnoWFqrJ

@matthewpmain (Matthew Main) tweeted:

Today @CUNYLaw was fortunate to host a dream team of changemakers from @MFJLegal @VOCALNewYork @TOPnyc… https://t.co/zUynjcasJT

@uiw_reslife (UIW Residence Life) tweeted:

#uiwresidencelife #uiw #uiwreslife #housing #UIWCares https://t.co/hMEzVIbEgU

@ScottTerrioHMA (Scott Terrio) tweeted:

Yet another client today, renting, moving soon, rent going up 45%. Whopping. Now 43% of after tax income on shelter. #Housing

@LTlaw_ (Liam Thornton) tweeted:

@DeptJusticeIRL @gardainfo @_IHREC @GardaOmbudsman @DSGJustEqual @flacireland @WRC_ie @IrishCentreHR Topic 9 Travel… https://t.co/kFEZGK9oba

@FocusE15 (FocusE15) tweeted:

One in 12 children in Newham are homeless - the second highest rate in England. #housing #newham… https://t.co/WvF6lkB1XV

@HelenBrown09 (Helen Brown) tweeted:

Very interesting talk from Chris Thomas @WeAreTrivallis about ensuring housing and related services are inclusive t… https://t.co/6OX00qVWGe

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