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@MarisaKendall (Marisa Kendall) tweeted:

The latest contribution to #housing and #homelessness by Bay Area tech: YouTube's CEO and https://t.co/htvDxxDI63 a… https://t.co/9ImcY6Yfku

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

“I want to get my high school, so I can be a conductor or engineer...I also want to go for Horticulture Medical Sci… https://t.co/OJQd40i4VL

@phxmission (Phoenix Rescue Missi) tweeted:

Did you know 26,000 people across Maricopa County are currently facing #homelessness? Join our #GivingTuesday chall… https://t.co/WO8URQCwh2


Minister fails to release homeless figures as homelessness continues to spiral out of control. #homelessness https://t.co/u1qygiEwo9

@LaurenMcgowan (Lauren McGowan) tweeted:

✅A severe lack of affordable housing. ✅Stagnant wages. ✅under funded safety net. ✅Regressive tax system. ✅Racist… https://t.co/oKBjzzXSMU

@kyrsten_sw (kyrsten) tweeted:

In Toronto, with the ending of TTC tokens... what are agencies doing to support folks in need of transportation? Se… https://t.co/nwQCUpgXQp

@ContactConsult (Contact Consulting) tweeted:

These figures on #homelessness and #children published by @Shelter are shocking. https://t.co/ZIZvLEpi9a

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

If you can't join us this Saturday, 7th, please support Matt and his fellow Levellers. It helps rough sleepers on t… https://t.co/yHIODY7jJs

@ShawnMenard1 (Shawn Menard) tweeted:

“Experience and statistics have shown that urban expansions have not reduced the cost of housing” #Ottawa… https://t.co/LUl9MpcJuX

@CounsellorsCafe (The Counsellors Café) tweeted:

Half of all homeless people may have had traumatic brain injury 'Experts say TBI could be consequence or cause of h… https://t.co/7WWEdZYnRd

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