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@engadgetjp (Engadget 日本版) tweeted:

5Gモデムで世界をリードする米クアルコムの年1イベント、まもなく始まります。新型Snapdragonの発表にも期待 #SnapdragonSummit https://t.co/70qYH5Ikte

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

5Gも「1チップ」の時代に。クアルコムが5GモデムをSoC内に統合したSnadpragon 765を発表。1チップ化でコスト削減や消費電力減も期待できそう #SnapdragonSummit https://t.co/sXoRRHnOKY

@xataka (xataka) tweeted:

El Snapdragon 865 es el primer procesador que trabajará a una velocidad de 2 gigapíxeles por segundo y añade soport… https://t.co/uEACyKVTiO

@DiaMariesbeat (Diana Goovaerts) tweeted:

It's official. @Qualcomm's next flagship platform is the Snapdragon 865. This comes with a 5th gen AI engine, and s… https://t.co/EZhgIspsWI

@microsiervos (Microsiervos) tweeted:

@Qualcomm_EU Y esperan que muchos de ellos, como por ejemplo el futuro Xiamoi Mi10, con el nuevo Snapdragon 865 5G… https://t.co/Dh5MFactUM

@DiaMariesbeat (Diana Goovaerts) tweeted:

Xiaomi's upcoming Mi 10 will be one of the first to use @Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 platform. Motorola was on stage… https://t.co/2uaDaZ5iFz

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

ハイエンド向けSnapdragon 865も出たよ。こちらは5Gの1チップ化は行われず、別途X55モデムが必要。性能の詳細は明日発表予定 #SnapdragonSummit https://t.co/YVKdqaU1LV

@DiaMariesbeat (Diana Goovaerts) tweeted:

Xiaomi announces plans to launch more than 10 #5G phones across high, mid and low tiers next year. #SnapdragonSummit https://t.co/M9byVQbSIg

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Xiaomi will launch 10+ 5G phones in 2020, including the K30 with the Snapdragon 765. #SnapdragonSummit

@caro_milanesi (Carolina Milanesi) tweeted:

Now time for @HMDGlobal @sarvikas who underlines the Finnish origin and the “technology with a purpose” approach th… https://t.co/gKeIxojLQO

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