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@EmilyBenton24 (Emily Benton) tweeted:

@ABSOLUTvodka_US #AbsolutPromo https://t.co/XXlClaoynm

@surgioarmani (Jason) tweeted:

@ABSOLUTvodka_US @onewarmcoat #AbsolutPromo Oh! Me! Me!

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@ABSOLUTvodka_US @onewarmcoat #AbsolutPromo giving is winning

@sumu95 (Sumedha C.S) tweeted:

@ABSOLUTvodka_US #AbsolutPromo

@belldavid35 (david bell) tweeted:

@absolutvodka_us #AbsolutPromo

@aprilingenito (April Ingenito) tweeted:

@ABSOLUTvodka_US @onewarmcoat #AbsolutPromo

@GogBrianBernard (brian bernard murnan) tweeted:

@ABSOLUTvodka_US @onewarmcoat Feeling the #GivingTuesday  spirit? So are we! Tag @absolutvodka_us & use… https://t.co/eo63WkoNUf

@kiaraaa_s (Kiara Soto) tweeted:

@tinamarieyoung5 (tina young) tweeted:

#AbsolutPromo. https://t.co/nB9uLgkPRV

@Amwysoc (Amy ) tweeted:

@ABSOLUTvodka_US @onewarmcoat How awesome is this #GivingTuesday  @absolutvodka_us & #AbsolutPromo ❤️

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