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@AydenMeyer (Ayden) tweeted:

Trying to find time in my schedule to join literally every club at the SOJC #MPATUO

@Ruth_j_m (Ruth) tweeted:

Very pretty #allenhallmedia #mpatuo https://t.co/aaUeLMzpMQ

@jennaalcorn (jenna alcorn) tweeted:

#MPATUO so cool to hear from u of o students doing big things! sco SOJC

@JacksonMarron (Jackson Marron) tweeted:

Chase the Storm #MPATUO

@_EmmaRoth_ (em) tweeted:

love seeing advertisements supporting women’s sports! #MPATUO https://t.co/ufL58xM58T

@sophiab_14 (Sophia) tweeted:

i like that you have so many options and this major is extremely diverse. Excited to see where this degree takes me #mpatuo

@mailesakamoto (maile sakamoto) tweeted:

such a talented group of people! #MPATUO

@itisnotacountry (aisha RESISTka) tweeted:

I’m still not quite sure what degree I’ll end up with but I am excited to see if journalisms the route I take! I’m… https://t.co/PzD9aljpuQ

@CleoHodgin (cleo) tweeted:

Thank you @allenhallad for coming into j100 today! Can’t wait to join the team next term

@cammerontramm (Cam) tweeted:

Shoutout j100 for helping me decide I want to major in advertising! #mpatuo

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