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Trend time: Tue Dec 03, 2019
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@Skullnbones_212 (Bones) tweeted:

Bro shoutout to my New York people, we made it #TwitterMomentsOfDecade https://t.co/kT22L5HU6Q

@Cam_Howe_ (#TeamCamHowe) tweeted:

I didn’t see this gem yet #TwitterMomentsOfDecade https://t.co/ao9B3NgcKl

@travastila (milf disease) tweeted:

#TwitterMomentsOfDecade https://t.co/tfU1uN9tz3

@ZacBeck (Zac Beck) tweeted:

#TwitterMomentsOfDecade I’m surprised I ain’t seen this one yet

@_YungJefe1 (# F r e e A n t ) tweeted:

We can’t leave this video out of #TwitterMomentsOfDecade

@zach_cox1 (Zach Cox) tweeted:

Orlando Brown something else #TwitterMomentsOfDecade https://t.co/3RWZKECToJ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

We ain’t gonna forget this ⁦@YoungMAMusic⁩ video , are we ? #TwitterMomentsOfDecade https://t.co/NJN8VGKrIm

@BamBriaan (B) tweeted:

#TwitterMomentsOfDecade https://t.co/2YRyIeDpwY

@TinctureDrone (PartyRoomVEVO) tweeted:

#TwitterMomentsOfDecade https://t.co/5cjQHx6vJi

@xobayleeann (baylee) tweeted:

#TwitterMomentsOfDecade y’all don’t know bout this one

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