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Trend time: Tue Dec 03, 2019
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Today, we remember the Fall of #Reach. And to celebrate, we’ll be giving away a couple copies of #HaloReach for PC… https://t.co/VcZ6x8wqlB

@HCSProTalk (HCS Pro Talk) tweeted:

#HaloReach has officially released for MCC and PC. ✅ No immediate server issues. ✅ Bugs are squashed. ✅ Quick matc… https://t.co/Sgseo906bW

@LevelUPcom (LevelUp.com) tweeted:

Hoy llegó #HaloReach a #HMCC y #BabyYoda lo sabe. https://t.co/t9Q7bC8N8n

@GFUELesports (G FUEL® Gaming @ HOM) tweeted:

- @fl0mtv or Thor?

@PunkMurdoc (PunkMurdoc) tweeted:

12Hours of Halo! Sounds like a dream from middle school! But Now its a reality! So come join me & @TappedoutG! As w… https://t.co/sZWO2N

@im_ziotyk (Ziotyk) tweeted:

Ladies & gentlemen, It's finally time to head back to #Reach. Suit up, & let's kick some ass #twitch #halo… https://t.co/izxvxIzvIO

@AlexDaGreat001 (☣) tweeted:

Love the new main menu background ❤

@aphrofunk (Joey Rutling) tweeted:

Feels good will always be my emblem

@SpaceWeaver97 () tweeted:

RT @Benjjjyy: It's been too long. (Good fucking campaign as well.) #HaloReach https://t.co/9x2CFpVS1s

@whiteshadow_001 (#Ora Whiteshadow001 ) tweeted:

So #HaloReach launched on PC Had a kick-ass first stream on the game My community is incredible Now chillin with m… https://t.co/10YxLkIqVv

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