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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@mycoopfood at the #TJA19 #toweroflondon

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@mycoopfood #TJA19 #leadingforourfuture https://t.co/KvNwJJN1y4

@MartinCBaker (Martin Baker - Stay ) tweeted:

#tja19 @TrainingJournal loving the awards and proud to be a sponsor!! Presenting an award later!! #DontDrinkTooMuch… https://t.co/zcvrrSYuYm

@CaribThompson (Barbara Thompson) tweeted:

Slightly geeking out... As a sports nut, im thrilled to see someone I’ve been following for years as MC for #TJA19… https://t.co/UjwgrJLGEk

@TrainingJournal (Training Journal) tweeted:

Ok it’s awards time! And the winner of the best coaching and mentoring programme goes to... @localactionrec communi… https://t.co/yBzH3J7H5b

@TrainingJournal (Training Journal) tweeted:

Next up: Best Commercial Programme - the winner is @Spirax_Sarco_UK! You rock! #TJA19 https://t.co/onMD7VxnMq

@GaelleDWatson (Gaelle Delmas-Watson) tweeted:

great success for Locals Community Partnership for their well deserved gold award and for @MargaretBurnsid from… https://t.co/HmbXwH9NL2

@thatmarkgilroy (Mark Gilroy) tweeted:

It’s @LightbulbJo bringing the sparkle tonight awarding Best Customer Experience Programme #TJA19 https://t.co/EvtRkaMRvQ

@GaelleDWatson (Gaelle Delmas-Watson) tweeted:

Is it the last stand as deputy editor of @TrainingJournal for @LightbulbJo #TJA19 no doubt you will be missed https://t.co/NRziF0sUZN

@kategraham23 (kategraham23) tweeted:

Outgoing @TrainingJournal deputy Ed @LightbulbJo awards the Gold for Best Customer Experience programme to Dining W… https://t.co/NcR4dTVDIR

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