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@BrookeWooldy (Brooke Wooldridge) tweeted:

A question for #AncestryHour: What’s the oddest/funniest/most notable place name in your family tree? Looking at m… https://t.co/ELabq3cBFV

@familytreemaguk (Family Tree) tweeted:

Don't miss our Xmas issue - for a festive column from the lovely Susie of @BordersAncestry #AncestryHour #genealogy https://t.co/pDcZZz9Psu

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Sometimes we forget.......there is an #AncestryHour website with lots of useful info and blogs why not stop and tak… https://t.co/7QG3E5p5Gq

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

PRONI uploads digitised Northern Ireland tithe books and school grant aid applications - here's my handy walk throu… https://t.co/FvmQZm5lng

@lisarex (Lisa Rex) tweeted:

Any British Columbia/Canadian historians / researchers on Twitter? I want to do some background reading to better t… https://t.co/Nk0r0QC5Rk

@mishjholman () tweeted:

That's a cool tip #AncestryHour https://t.co/aoWdLajWiu

@BarnsArchives (Barnsley Archives) tweeted:

#AncestryHour We have all the resources needed to start your family tree: newspapers, maps, parish records and more… https://t.co/NRqzJkfLE5

@1PSDirectory (OnePlaceStudiesDirec) tweeted:

South Leigh, Oxfordshire is the latest #OnePlaceStudy to be added to the free #OnePlaceStudies #directory… https://t.co/BDuKez8yOP

@HEBTilbrook (Holly E B Tilbrook) tweeted:

#AncestryHour have any of you seen this? A touching, humorous, beautiful story of remembering parents and paying tr… https://t.co/O0yeXl2K8v

@BrookeWooldy (Brooke Wooldridge) tweeted:

@KatherineHernd8 I was at a neighbour’s house for our street’s annual Xmas luncheon on Monday. Her room was covered… https://t.co/jcje5cRIjH

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