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@miyajensen (The Polynesian Genea) tweeted:

It’s been forever, but I indexed some records last night. It reminded me of when I was a teenager and how indexing… https://t.co/0NYrNH9czI

@BrookeWooldy (Brooke Wooldridge) tweeted:

@packrat74 That reminds me I’ll have to research how clothes would have been washed on a country sheep station in t… https://t.co/KC09AsSlrD

@MyFamilyGenie (Dr. Adina-My Family ) tweeted:

@packrat74 @Flominator It's incredible what she has done. #ancestryhour

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I’m sorry, as soon as I arrived a call came in which I had to take. I’ll try better next week. #AncestryHour

@BrookeWooldy (Brooke Wooldridge) tweeted:

@ancestryhour @BordersAncestry @oldscotbooks @bellerbyrach @chiddickstree Thanks all. I was a bit late today; first… https://t.co/2PK2mjgUXh

@thesingleleaf () tweeted:

✈️ I just realized I’m an hour late for #AncestryHour.

@kleefe (Eric van Kleef - Mij) tweeted:

Good night to all of you. #AncestryHour

@lizthewol (Liz Yule) tweeted:

I've missed #AncestryHour but have managed to finish a portfolio of family photos for my niece for Xmas 'i'm not in… https://t.co/rVh8jiZEtJ

@SonOfHywel (Jon) tweeted:

#AncestryHour Sorry for lateness I'm still having trouble

@LynnsWaffles (Lynn Heiden) tweeted:

@karendebruyne @familytreemaguk @iainmcooke59 @BordersAncestry Totally agree! Subscription is the only way! #AncestryHour #FamilyHistory

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