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@BrookeWooldy (Brooke Wooldridge) tweeted:

#AncestryHour movie recommendation: Whisky Galore! (2016) An Outer Hebrides island runs out of whisky, but their pr… https://t.co/pi61OVJSlt

@DaveAColey (Dave Coley) tweeted:

@GenesBlog @penswordbooks Trying to ascertain if my link to Tantallon Castle via the Angus line so the Scottish anc… https://t.co/yLvhzewJ7s

@anzshm (ANZSHM) tweeted:

RT @Historylady2013: A quick hello from sunny Auckland. I am giving my presentation about Opposition to compulsory smallpox vaccination in…

@DirectorofAFIHC (Jackie Schalk) tweeted:

Hello from the ⛴

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @DirectorofAFIHC: Hello from the ⛴

@leprchaunrabbit (SirLeprechaunRabbit®) tweeted:

RT @lisarex: Any British Columbia/Canadian historians / researchers on Twitter? I want to do some background reading to better tackle the m…

@geneastories (Genealogy Stories) tweeted:

RT @GenesBlog: PRONI uploads digitised Northern Ireland tithe books and school grant aid applications - here's my handy walk through guide.…

@cheztrev (cheryl) tweeted:

RT @familytreemaguk: Don't miss our Xmas issue - for a festive column from the lovely Susie of @BordersAncestry #AncestryHour #genealogy ht…

@DirectorofAFIHC (Jackie Schalk) tweeted:

RT @chiddickstree: Sometimes we forget.......there is an #AncestryHour website with lots of useful info and blogs why not stop and take a l…

@DirectorofAFIHC (Jackie Schalk) tweeted:

Who here tonight on #ancestryhour will be at #RootsTech2020? I’ll be there Tue-Sun.

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